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20 Years Of Customer Success

Since 2003, Waltz has been redefining the construction industry and the manner in which projects are completed.
We go beyond just “building” a project, by focusing on the entire client experience.
We provide a personal and memorable experience, which has led to 95% of our business being from return clients.


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At Waltz, we attribute the quality of work in which we produce as a direct reflection of our team. We believe that fostering an environment that is collaborative in nature and supportive in communication is imperative for both client and team success.


With over 40 full-time employees our Waltz team is more than just a group of “staff members”. They are talented and passionate individuals who make a difference every day simply because they love what they do and who they work with.


With over 40 years of leadership experience, our executive team is dedicated to ensuring that the values and integrity of Waltz is seen throughout our work, our team, and our clients.


Community to us is everything and everyone!  While donations are very important, we feel volunteering and offering our talents can truly make an impact. We have several outreach programs established, including a student STEAM education series, mentorship program, and dollar for dollar charity contributions. We also recognize that a large part of our community is our subcontractors. Without them, we would not be successful. They are an important part of our community.

What’s New

Bird’s eye view of the early stages of one of our Multi-Family developments taking place in Mesa!
🎥: Elliot Kaufman @eliodoro79
So many wonderful things to be grateful for - our friends, family, and community of clients, partners, and colleagues to name a few. May your Thanksgiving and the days following be filled with good food, good health, and great company! 🦃🍂🧡
Thank you to those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Have a blessed Veteran's Day. 🇺🇸🎖️
We hope everyone has a safe & spooky Halloween! 🎃👻🍬
As Careers in Construction month comes to a close we have one last department to highlight, and that is accounting! 

Years ago, as Melissa arrived for her interview at a construction rental company, she found herself in a sea of white construction trucks and imposing machinery. In that moment, she pondered whether this was the destined road for her. Fast forward 16 years, and she can confidently affirm that it was indeed the right choice. Her journey in the industry has been a learning exploration—from understanding the functions of diverse equipment to witnessing the evolution of projects from mere drawings to tangible reality. Throughout it all, she has cultivated a genuine appreciation for the multifaceted orchestration that underlies every project.

“My favorite part about working in this industry is that every day there is always something new to learn and someone interesting to meet. My advice to someone looking to be successful in construction accounting is to be open-minded, communicate effectively with your team, and understand that nothing is consistent except change.”

#CareersInConstructionMonth #ProjectAccountant
Thrilled to announce the ribbon cutting for Second Avenue Commons! This project holds a special place in our hearts as one of our initial ventures into multi-family development in Mesa. Big shoutout to our fantastic partners at @calibercompanies for joining us in this endeavor, & creating such a memorable celebration!
In this week's issue of Careers in Construction Month, we are highlighting one of our wonderful Project Engineers! 👷‍♂️🛠️

Todd Foster won’t say he found construction; more like it found him. Recently retired from the US Army in 2013 after 23 years, he wasn’t looking for a new career. Nonetheless, he registered with the Texas Employment Commission.

A fortuitous call from a Veterans’ counselor at the commission changed Todd’s idea of retirement. The counselor felt Todd would be a good fit for a small, fourth-generation, local construction company. One thing led to another, and he became part of the Hill Brothers Construction family. This is where he cut his teeth in construction. As time went on, his contact at Hill Brothers (Josh Hill) reached out and invited him to join Waltz Construction in 2019.

"I enjoy the camaraderie, family, and community of the construction business. Also, small achievements and discoveries that lead to successful completion of projects on time and under budget. I like standing back and being able to say, 'I worked on that,' 'I built that,' or 'That’s where I lost the tip of my finger.' (Just kidding)."

#CareersInConstructionMonth #ProjectEngineer
Continuing with Careers in Construction Month, we would like to introduce one of our Project Estimators, Christian Pagdilao! 

After finishing off a strong athletic season as a senior at ASU, Christian had the opportunity to complete his Master's program while working part-time both as a wrestling coach and at Waltz. He quickly became enthusiastic about the challenges his role at Waltz presented daily, as well as the connections he began making with the team. Upon graduation, he decided that this was the right fit for him and has been greatly enjoying the work ever since.

"This is a complex industry. There are numerous players in every project each with separate motivations to bring the project across the finish line. Each stage of the project has a different component that intrigues me. What excites me, is the challenge of concentrating these efforts amongst all parties involved and providing solutions."

#CareersInConstructionMonth #ProjectEstimator
October is Careers in Construction month & we want to share with you a few of the awesome roles in our industry!

Kicking it off first is one of our Project Executives, Jeff Keck. Jeff is one of our most experienced employees, boasting over 35 years in the industry. Initially starting out in a mechanical engineering course, it took Jeff a semester to realize that construction or civil engineering might be a better fit. In retrospect, he attributes the decision to the influence of his close family members. Growing up he spent a lot of time working with his Dad (a project union electrician) and uncle (a custom home builder).

"It took me until about age 40 to realize that this industry is really about people and relationships. I often wish I would have figured this out in my 20’s. To be successful you must always maintain your integrity. You can lose money but if you lose your integrity, it is a very tough road. Not only is this true with an individual but also an entire  business."
#CareersInConstructionMonth #ProjectExecutive

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