Waltz’s development team is skilled at providing our clients with a comprehensive approach to add value, mitigate risk, and enhance efficiency to each phase of the development process.  Our depth of resources encompasses a multi-disciplined approach that allows us to meet the challenges and specific needs for all your development needs.

Architectural & Planning Services

    The architecture and planning services by Waltz ultimately provides valuable insight into what can be done with a property. This starts with a professional review of development plans, public improvements, and infrastructure to achieve the projects purpose.

  • Opportunities and constraints analysis
  • Conceptual land use planning
  • Site-specific design
  • Entitlement processing and rezoning
  • Yield/feasibility studies
  • Preliminary grading design
  • Overall project coordination

Civil Engineering & Technical Studies

    We connect core engineering services with specialty expertise to address the feasibility of each project. Our Civil team examines all conditions to ensure life safety and economic impacts.

  • Drainage Reports
  • Dry Utility Design & Coordination
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans & Studies
  • Grading & Earthwork Analysis
  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling & Design
  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Parking Demand Studies & Parking Lot Design
  • Paving Analysis & Rehabilitation
  • Opinions of Probable Cost
  • Roadway Design
  • Site Demolition Plans, Site Design & Structural Design
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Site Design Opportunity Analysis
  • SWMP Reporting, Compliance and Auditing
  • Utility Infrastructure Design
  • Vehicle Circulation Analysis
  • Water, Sewer & Storm Sewer Design

Pro forma Review Service

    After all required due diligence, Waltz will provide a detailed development pro forma based on the proposed project concept. The pro forma will include project hard costs, soft costs, and anticipated developer profit. The development pro forma may also include potential financing options.

Property Due Diligence

    A key factor in ensuring feasibility in a project is the property due diligence. Waltz will work to identify and assess potential development risks and provide recommendations and timelines to resolve any findings in question. These due diligence services provide a detailed, defensible opinion of the asset with both short and long-term considerations.

  • Title Review
  • Environmental Report (Phase I)
  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
  • ALTA Survey
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Soils Report


Meetings to discuss North Valley Christian Academy (NVCA) rezoning request:

The first meeting will be conducted by and held at NVCA on Monday, July 25 at 5:00 PM in the lobby of Building A.

Location: 33655 N 27th Dr, Phoenix AZ 85085

The second meeting will be virtually conducted by the City of Phoenix Planning & Zoning Department, and will be held through Webex on Tuesday, August 23 at 3:00 PM. Join using this link: https://cityofphoenix.webex.com/wbxmjs/joinservice/sites/cityofphoenix/meeting/download/a4e583a6236948e9a10c89c9cf785697?siteurl=cityofphoenix&MTID=maa2848ebd202dd4cb9b01a26880fcc6b

If you have any questions or comments please contact Tim Scolaro at scolaro.t@owp.com

Zoning change: To change the zoning from R1-8 PCD to P-1 PCD.

Project Documents:

Meetings to discuss New Freedom re-zoning request:

We are holding a virtual neighborhood meeting to discuss the rezoning proposal date to be determined in near future.  We will make a live presentation via web conference during which we will describe the application and display the aerial of the Property.  After the presentation, participants will be able to submit questions the development team will answer via live webcam.  To participate in the meeting, please email Jay Green at jay@waltzconstruction.com and request a link to the meeting.  The only way to access the meeting will be via the link from Mr. Green.

If you are unable to participate, please contact Jay Green jay@waltzconstruction.com or Mark Skousen mskousen@waltzconstruction.com or 480.759.9622 to discuss the case.

Location: 2821 W. Northern Ave, Phoenix AZ 85051

Zoning change: To remove the current Special Permit zoning and keep R-5.

Project map:

Project Documents:

Hearing Dates: (not available yet)

Virtual Meeting: Tuesday May 17th, 2022 at 4:30pm

Meeting to discuss Queen Creek Vet Clinic Condition Use Permit request:

We are holding a neighborhood meeting to discuss the upcoming Condition Use Permit (CUP) case and review changes being requested in regard to the expansion of the Queen Creek Vet Clinic. If you have any questions please direct them to Jay Green at jay@waltzconstruction.com or Cain Garcia at cain.g@spsplusarchitects.com

Location: 20727 E Civic Parkway, Queen Creek, AZ

Proposed Case: P22-0118 & P22-0190 CUP QC Vet Clinic Expansion

Project Documents:

North Ridge Subdivision Communication Plan

Project Team

Owner: Caliber

General Contractor: Waltz

Jurisdiction Town of Johnstown/CDOT Region 4


The North Ridge Subdivision is a 60 acre multiple use development in the town of Johnstown north of Hwy 402 and east of I-25 along the North Frontage.  The development of the site includes public improvements including water, sewer and storm water combined with improvements to and along the frontage road.  The improvements to the frontage road include grading, widening with curb and gutter, turn outs for future development, including safety improvements for ingress/egress off the frontage road and improved sight lines. The scope and complexity of the project will require temporary closure of the frontage road from the roundabout on LCR 18 (Hwy 402) to River Ranch Parkway.

The biggest part of this project is the full removal of the existing Frontage Road surface from River Ranch south approximately 1,600 feet to change the grade of the frontage road to enhance safety and increase sight lines for both north bound and south bound traffic.  The frontage will be dropped approximately 5-8 feet in areas, widened with curb and gutter and 10 foot walk for increase safety and mobility. 

In order to safely complete these improvements, the frontage road will need to be closed for 5-6 months. The closure allows for constructability in safe manner for the public and construction crews. 


The proposed detour route will utilize I-25 as the preferred route.  Traffic will be diverted at Hwy 402 on the south and River Ranch on the North.  The detour north will take traffic thru the 2534 development via Ronald Reagan Blvd and Thompson River Ranch Blvd to Hwy 34.

Overall Schedule Duration

The closure will start Jan. 3rd 2023 until June 30, 2023


Should you have any questions or concerns please email us at NorthRidge@waltzconstruction.com or call us at 480.759.9622