Summer Intern Thrives at Waltz Construction

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This summer, Waltz welcomes rising college freshman Emma to our team. Waltz wants this experience to be rewarding and educational, so Emma is tasked with many unique duties that help her to learn more about construction management. Most of all, Emma enjoys developing the company website. She says, “All of what I do is interesting and engaging, but I love to work on the website because I have never done something similar to it before. I am beginning to learn CSS and have coded a few sections by hand. It is challenging but definitely worth it when you get to see the final product.” Updating the website is one of the very first things Emma wanted to do when she came to Waltz.

Along with other tasks, Emma frequently files and records financial information, coordinates with subcontractors to complete assignments, and helps manage projects. Working at Waltz is Emma’s first introduction to general contracting. There have been a few challenges on the way. She says, “I think the most difficult part of the job is learning all of the terminology and what context it is used in. A few weeks ago I didn’t know what a pre lien, workers comp, audit, subcontractor, and many other things were. I am very grateful for the people who are teaching me about these topics and those who give me opportunities to grow.”

She appreciates the opportunity to work at a small business which also has extensive experience in their field. She says, “I’m also learning a lot about business management, which is something I am interested in. It’s great to see it at such a personal level. From figuring out where old files are to knowing how to properly contact subcontractors, I am getting to practice life skills which I will use in any job in the future.” Emma plans on majoring in public policy and getting a certificate in developmental psychology at Princeton University.

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