Who We Are

Waltz Construction is currently managing over $20 million a year, has 90% of business from repeat clients and employees 15 full-time employees.

We understand the importance of our integrity within the community and strives to give back as often as possible. It is the culture of Waltz to foster a team environment with all staff, clients, subcontractors and other professionals we do business with.

Meet the team

Matthew Waltz, LEED AP

Matt  plays  an  active  role  in  each  project  at  Waltz  and  brings  extensive  experience  with  innovative  ideas  on  cost  savings  for  owners,  as  well  as  exceeding  project  schedules.  With 23 years of experience in construction management, Matt  ensures  that  each  project  has  the  resources  necessary  for  a  quality  project. 

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Chris Werder
Field Operations Manager, Vice President

As  a  seasoned  construction  superintendent with almost 30 years of experience,  Chris  works  closely  with  the  team  during  preconstruction  and  during  construction,  coordinates  with  the  Project  Superintendent  to  expedite  the  construction  schedule  of  each  campus.

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Stacy Misino
Director of Accounting, Vice President

With over 20 years of experience in construction accounting and project management, Stacy  works  with  the  team  to  ensure  all  correspondence  is  distributed  to  key  stakeholders  and  is  an  integral  part  of  the  team  with  planning,  preparation,  organization,  and  maintenance  of  project  documentation,  including  schedules  and  budgets.

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Ghian Snyman, LEED AP
Operations Manager, Vice President

Ghian  works  closely  during  preconstruction  and  construction  with  owners,  architects,  and  the  Waltz  team  to  ensure  that  each  campus  exceeds  each  owner’s  expectations.  He  also  brings  20 years of experience  in  providing  cost-saving  ideas  to  each  project.

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Amanda Coats
Project Coordinator

Amanda has been with Waltz 4 years. She supports the entirety of Waltz Construction by scheduling, coordinating, and managing company events. 

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Sergio Reyes
Project Superintendent

Prior  to  joining  the  Waltz  team,  Sergio  worked  closely  with  the  Waltz  team  as  a  subcontractor  on  every  school  project  completed  by  Waltz  over  the  past  seven  years  of  his  career  and  has  a  proven  track  record  of  managing  the  construction  phase  effectively.

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